Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Zoom. Mysteries solved.

In a hotel lobby waiting for a car to pick me up and take me to a brief meeting and then on to the airport to fly to New Zealand where I will see my fiancee whom I miss, and Margo Lanagan and Audrey Niffenegger both of whom I will be amazingly happy to see.

Saturday Morning Radio in New Zealand is me and the Archbishop of York and Amanda Palmer and Zandra Rhodes. Spot the odd one out.

The Hump Michael Sheen Dinner Raid Mystery solved: No, we were not served or offered whale.

My red carpet official Oscar wearing Kambriel jacket and waistcoat shot:

Anne Thompson waved a flip-camera at me on the Oscar red carpet:

The LA Times took a panoramic photo which includes me on the Red Carpet staring intently at Rachel McAdams' dress. Which my red-carpet handler had just trodden on, and which I had only just avoided treading on. Was I enraptured by the beauty or wondering if we had left footprints?,0,7005862.htmlstory You be the judge....

Jesus has appeared in the Marmite. The End times are nigh. Although some people are seeing Alan Moore, Lemmy From Motorhead, Frank Zappa or Predator. In which case End Times Are Probably Not Nigh. You be the judge:

Okay. Car here. Zoom now. Maybe more from the airport...

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