Saturday, March 06, 2010

Breaking news. Also, nobody move, this is a raid.

Breaking News: The CBS SUNDAY MORNING profile of me will definitely broadcast tomorrow, the 7th. The show with my segment in it starts at 9 eastern, 8 central, 7 mountain, 6 am Pacific.

Unless, of course, there is a natural disaster, a shooting, or something else of a news-altering nature.


I'm in Hollywood for the Oscars, to help Henry Selick celebrate Coraline, nominated for best animated picture. We will not win, which makes it somehow enormously less stressful. I'm not wondering if we'll win, or even hoping. I'm just here to enjoy the ride.

Last night I had the best dinner ever, with actor Michael Sheen. We ate at my favourite sushi restaurant in LA, The Hump at Santa Monica Airport, had an amazing meal, talked about life and art, and just as we were finishing up, the restaurant filled with uniformed officers. I assumed for a moment it was an immigration raid of some kind, but before they closed the restaurant, they identified themselves as US Fish and Wildlife officers who were going to close the restaurant to search it (for, I guess, illegal fish). It had already been a surreal evening, and that just sort of made it perfectly surreal, although it left me worried for the staff - I'll try to keep an eye on the news to see what it was about, and what happens next, and whether we were eating endangered sea-things.


On Monday, tickets for the Evening With Neil Gaiman I'm doing for the CBLDF in Chicago on April the 17th go on sale. (With, I hope, a special keyboard playing lady Musical Guest as an opening act. No, not Amanda Palmer, who will be touring with Jason Webley then, as themselves and as Evelyn Evelyn. No, not Tori. You'll see.)

The details are at This is the first of these I've done since The Last Angel Tour, ten years ago.

(If it works well and I enjoy it, I'll look at doing another actual tour in 2011.)


Okay. Out the door. More later.

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