Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Quick One

I know. I'm really behind. Right now I ought to settle down and do a solid big blog entry.

Only it's a choice between that or sleep. And sleep is just about to win.

CORALINE got 5 ANNIE awards tonight -- more than anyone else. (Although we lost Best Picture and Best Director to UP.) I was ready to give Dawn French's speech if she'd won best voice, but she didn't.

(Her speech, had she won, was "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!" I could have done that.)

And then there's this. Which deserves its own blog entry too.

UCSB was great. UCLA was harder, as I was reeling a little from lack of sleep from the signing the night before, but the people there enjoyed it.

(Also, the Nexus 1 phone is wonderful, especially with the lastest update, allowing us to make things bigger or small by pulling them apart or squeezing them, which was the one thing that iPhones did I envied.)

Also LOTS of questions to answer and comments to post.

But first, sleep.

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