Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still Alive

Because people have started commiserating already (and prematurely), there's an article from the LA Times that's been widely syndicated that's pretty good:,0,1690916.storylink

But the headline that's showed up a few times (variants on Graveyard Book Movie Is Dead*) is not good or reliable or, well, true. Someone couldn't resist a pun. And now people are reading the headline not the article and reporting the headline as news. So...

What I say in the interview is: we were setting up the film of The Graveyard Book at Miramax, but then last autumn Disney closed down Miramax (and just put it to sleep forever), so The Graveyard Book film is now being set up elsewhere. In "putting a movie together" world that barely counts as a hiccup.

When the producers are ready to announce who's putting it out they will. In the meantime everything seems to be coming together just fine.

[Edit to add: a few people have mentioned I sound a bit glum in the interview. I'm sure I do. It was done when Zoe had just been put to sleep.]

PS. This is Bill Stiteler's favourite version of the headline.

*to be fair, in some places, and I even think in one version of the LA Times online, the interview has also gone up with the headline Graveyard Book Movie Still Alive Says Gaiman. But the Dead one seems to be gaining currency.

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