Thursday, August 13, 2009

"We're individuals in the community..."

For those wondering about the Belljar -- my theory that the bees would do whatever it was the bees would was right. As soon as it went onto the green hive, the bees invaded it. They checked out the strips of white wax I'd put in, sniffed dismissively, went "Obviously done by an amateur" and began to remove them. These two photos are from about ten days ago.

Here you can see them chomping through and removing another piece of white wax. I imagine that they found a use for it somewhere in the bowels of the hive.

These are from today (hot, muggy, humid, grey day). The bees have pretty much finished removing all the wax that I put in and are now building their own (yellow, not white) wax installations down the side of the belljar.

And you can see some wax foundations on the side of the belljar being put in by bees who know what they are doing. That's the nice thing about bees. After this many million years, they really do know what they're doing.

Here's my favourite bee song. It's by Mirah and the Spectratones, and it's called Community.
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