Monday, August 17, 2009

A quick one

Very quick one just to say I'm in the offices of a film company in London, spending two days interviewing editors, production designers, costume people and the like, for a short (ten minute) silent film I've written and will be directing in two weeks' time.

I can't tell you much more about it yet. It stars, er, a star, and another, different, star. I had the idea for it half way through the HousingWorks benefit Amanda and I did in April [Edit: er, June. April was PEN.], and pulled out my notebook and wrote it down.

It got the green light on Friday, will be part of a series of Silent Films broadcast in the UK in December, and I have probably already said too much.

Wednesday and Thursday I'm doing events in Edinburgh (sold-out talks, with open signings afterwards).

To close a few Tabs, once again the Guardian reports the Hugo Awards as news, making it pretty much the sole major newspaper in the world to do this. Damien Walter writes a lovely piece for the Guardian blog about me and it. (Wired also reported it.)

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