Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back!

I loved the Book Festival, had a wonderful time at the Fringe (was co-opted as stooge by the cast of the marvellous Tartuffe,) and then went to London and had a mad day of Location scouting and some costume and make-up things for my silent movie (shooting in London on the 6th-8th of September; I MAY need passers-by for the stuff we are shooting on Sunday the 6th. If I do, I'll mention it up here on around the 4th).

Am about to go offline for a holiday week (offline, also a week of no cellphone). Planning to walk and to cook and to do a bunch of writing, and to have the first week of just being off alone with Amanda in the about 8 months of our being together.

Be good. Do not riot, or break either the internet or human civilisation while I am gone.