Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green and Pleasant World

A couple of years ago I wrote a short story for the BBC Radio 4 William Blake 250th anniversary celebrations. The idea was to write a story inspired by a poem or line of Blake's. I took the poem Jerusalem (you can read it here).

It was read, well, by Alexander Morton, and broadcast in November 2007. I remember not liking it when I heard it, feeling mostly disappointed with how far it was from the thing in my head, uncomforable with the tiny edits needed to make it fit perfectly into its time slot. They've just repeated it, and yesterday I listened to it curiously, and, no longer quite remembering the thing in my head I had hoped it would turn into, enjoyed it much more than I had expected to.

You can hear it until Sunday on


Last year Holly and some of her friends had a pudding fight.

This year, with Maddy and her friends joining in, they had a battle that was about 20% UK jelly and 80% American Jell-O (the UK stuff won easily on taste tests, by the way). Next year she's talking about a proper custard-pie battle.

I love my daughters.

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