Monday, June 22, 2009

Mourning Suit and Green Goddess

Decided not to fix yesterday's "Starberry" typo, as I rather like it, and wonder what they taste like.

Today's post brought volumes 3 and 4 of NESFA's COLLECTED STORIES OF ROGER ZELAZNY with introductions by me and Steve Brust respectively. This is the overview of the project on the NESFA website.

A photo from 1993's World Fantasy Convention in Minneapolis, taken by Beth Gwinn (a terrific photographer - this is her website: Four out of five of the Guests of Honour (I was Toastmaster) Basil Copper, me, Roger Zelazny and the late Poul Anderson. (John Crowley is not there.) I am wearing a morning suit I wore that day, and wore 15 years later for John M. (Mike) Ford's memorial service, and only those two times, because really, I don't go to that many things that need morning suits. I think my father had picked it up for me incredibly cheaply, and was so proud of himself for so doing that I resolved actually to wear it and let him know I had, but he never actually asked.

And today, by coincidence, also brought Steve Brust for lunch, so I showed him the books. We sat and read each other's introductions and shared memories of Roger.

Talking about good photographers:

Apparently there's an LJ advisory board.

Apparently people are elected to it via vote by LJ users.

Apparently this one pretty nifty dude who takes great photographs,
@kylecassidy, is running.

So, if you feel like clicking around to his post about it or the actual post
for voting, here are links:


Consider it plugged. Although it doesn't look like Kyle needs any help from me.

Greetings Neil,
I'm a big fan of yours (and now that I'm 5 months into my pregnancy, a slightly bigger fan every day).
Since we found out "It's A Girl!" I had really hoped to order a signed copy of Blueberry Girl off of the site and start reading it to her before she got here but after weeks of visiting and finding the site temporarily closed I am starting to wonder if I should give up and buy a copy elsewhere and hope that you will be doing a signing in my area (which is extremely rare) sometime in the distant future. Any idea if the site will be returning in the nearer future?
Thank you,

I'll be popping into DreamHaven over the next few days to sign a lot of books for Greg. It's surprising that he had to shut down the whole site in order to tell people he wasn't taking orders for signed books right now, but I guess its harder for him since DreamHaven became a one man operation.

Hi Neil,

Just reading your latest blog entry in which someone complained about your use of "British Isles", and went on to talk about how Ireland is not part of the British Isles anymore, and there was perhaps a mention of vikings, too.

I would just like to apologise on behalf of Ireland for this pointless correction. Of course, Ireland is not part of Great Britain, but as the British Isles are a geographical name for both Ireland and the UK, I highly doubt Ireland will be renouncing itself as being among them anytime soon - as doing so would involve actually moving to a different place on Earth.

I would also like to apologise for wasting your time with *this* comment, but I felt quite strongly about it.

Thank you. Actually, I liked learning that there are people who consider the term insulting. I don't think you should ever insult people unintentionally: if you're doing it, you ought to mean it.

(Apparently the term "Irish Sea" is offensive to the Welsh, who are completely surrounded by it. Edit to add, if you don't count things like England and the Bristol Channel. Which most of my Welsh friends don't.)


Over the years I have said good things on this blog about New Orleans Chef Chris DeBarr -- Chris was named “Best New Chef” by New Orleans magazine in 2006 for his work at the Delachaise. I first met Chris in about 1991 at a Dragoncon: he's married to author Poppy Z Brite and Poppy was too nervous to talk to me that first time for reasons I've never been able to figure out, so I chatted to Chris. I didn't know how good a cook he was until Poppy took me to the Delachaise, where he used to be chef, and the food was amazing -- and Chris was everything: chef, server, food advisor, the whole thing. I wrote about it here on the blog ("Why I Am Not A Restaurant Critic"), and took pleasure in letters from people who had amazing meals there writing to let me know.

Chris left the Delachaise and recently opened his own restaurant, The Green Goddess, at 307 Exchange Alley in the heart of the French Quarter. This is Chris's LiveJournal. (He's currently waiting for a liquor license.) It's a Vegetarian-friendly restaurant. (Having once been in New Orleans with a vegetarian, I know these are few and can be hard to find.)

This is the Green Goddess's website:

I was chatting to Chris about sending people from this website to the restaurant, and suggested that some kind of password might get people something nice and special they might not otherwise get from him. He said, remembering the Sandman book Brief Lives, that people should casually mention "the Mezze of Destruction" to their server, and something good and special will happen for them to eat or drink. Think of it as a restaurant Easter Egg.

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