Saturday, June 13, 2009

Edinburgh in August

I'll be doing a couple of events in Edinburgh in August for the Book Festival.

There will be an "all ages" event Wednesday the 19th of August from 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM, and a "Teens and Adults" event in conversation with Ian Rankin, on Thursday the 20th from 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Details are up at this website.

The first event will be more Children's Authory, the second a bit more Graphic Novelly.

Tickets don't actually go on sale for either of the events until Monday the 22nd of June, but the last time I went to Edinburgh Literary Festival, for Coraline, the events sold out (and the Guardian, who heard that I did the biggest signing of the festival but weren't actually there, wrote a very silly article about the literary Festival being overrun by goths, which it wasn't, of course, and which I wrote about, amused, here on the journal when it happened). So this is a heads up: Edinburgh isn't Toronto, and there are two events, not one, so I don't expect we're likely to have any of the "event sold out in three minutes" problems the Luminato festival had here. But if you want to get to either or both of those events you still might want to buy your tickets early.

(Booking information is here.)

Amanda Palmer is playing in Edinburgh on the 22nd in the 2009 Edge Festival, which means I will definitely stick around for a few extra days (Details are at (Or at the HMV site.) I may sign copies of Who Killed Amanda Palmer. I will not, I am relieved to say, play tambourine.*

She's being supported by the Indelicates, I think mostly because I kept playing them when she was out here. I must use this power only for good.

(This, from their site, is a demo of the first Indelicates song I heard, and I was hooked in one, as they took apart, with bitter grace, the media /academic obsession with and delight in the downfall of stars and idols.)

*but she likes me anyway.

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