Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To the Bat Hive, Bee Wonder! and other stories

Hans works for me doing mysterious things in the woods. He built a bridge, for example, and a few days ago he painted the beehives.

When I went into the garage, I noticed one hive-box that Hans had taken extra care with...


You know, Twitter can be really efficient sometimes. I learned this morning from someone on Twitter that there would be a BFI showing of CORALINE in London on Wednesday the 6th of May, and that Henry Selick and I would be talking there, and that you could get tickets to it. I've not heard any of this officially from Universal in London yet, but it seems to be true as there is a website up at and tickets are apparently going extremely fast, so I am posting the info here as well for UK readers.


My 10 year old daughter and I are avid readers and big fans of your work. She's read all most of your children's books and is reading Graveyard now. American Gods is one of my all time favorites.

When the movie Coraline opened, we both watched it and stuck around, after the credits, to get the password for the Coraline Nike Dunks drawing. To both of our surprises her pair arrived in the mail today! Check out the pics of her excitement as well as her using them as they were intended:

I can't believe people are selling them on ebay for $750! The smile they put on my daughter's face show just how priceless those shoes are. THANK YOU! (And please extend those thanks to Phil Knight) ;-)

Those are absolutely priceless photos, yes -- they put a huge smile on my face. I'll send a link to the folk at Laika...

Hi Neil!

I've been following the WKAP pre-order forum on i've been hearing some slightly nasty things from Amanda's followers regarding NG and KC fans and pre-ordering.

I was hoping if you could possibly put a shout out on your blog letting folks know that Pre-sale for the WKAP Book will open on 4/20/09 at 12pm EST. Only 10K will be available.

Thank you for being you.


p.s. Beth of All Trades has a truly adorable picture of you up on page 8.

I don't think they were saying nasty things at all; I think they were just concerned that all ten thousand copies would be snapped up by people who like my stories (or who like Kyle Cassidy's photos) before they got a chance to get their hands on them. And I'm not sure I entirely blame them.

Anyway... from that thread, this is the author photo from the Who Killed Amanda Palmer book. Many photos of Miss Amanda Palmer very dead, and about a dozen stories by me. Some short, some not-so-short.

Anyway, I've now mentioned the book and the pre-order thread here. But I won't remind anyone about it here or post the actual ordering details here or on Twitter until late in the day on the 20th. Which should let at least some of Amanda's fans get first crack at preordering the book. How's that?


You may like the following musing brought on by The Graveyard Book:

I did.


Okay, short and to the point. American Gods Movie. Is it on, is it off, is it stuck between on and off, did the toggle switch go bad?

I think someone who I would want to make it has to buy the rights first, and that hasn't happened. Lots of film-makers have expressed interest, some of them very seriously, but none of them have been able to figure out how it would be a film, and I don't really blame them. It wasn't written to be film-shaped, after all.

I'm currently working on the ANANSI BOYS film script, though.


Over at Cat Mihos's site, she's posted about the mail that she gets to forward to me...

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