Saturday, March 14, 2009

Long weekend

So it's been a week. Saturday I found out, this week was spent in the UK, with relatives, giving eulogies and hugging people and seeing old friends and relations... My parents' actual 50th wedding anniversary was the 1st of March, but the whole family had been meant to get together at the end of the month. And now we were all seeing each other too soon, and in the wrong way.

Every day felt like a Sunday. So odd. A week long weekend.

The easiest thing was standing up at the service and talking about him. The hardest was saying the kaddish at the evening service. The rest of it was a strange blur of people and of realising that the best thing about all the soap operas and tiny problems is that they are a wonderful distraction from the big things.

Maddy and I are now back in the US. We had had a week long spring break father-daughter adventure planned, and we are going to do it, although it may be rather more subdued than we had initially planned.

And the plane doors are closed...