Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hurrah for REALLY Embarrassing Photos

When I was in the UK for my father's funeral, I saw a few photos I had not seen for  many, many years. And I took a handful away with me. If you ever wondered what I looked like when I was fifteen, I looked like this:

Almost immediately afterwards, the hair got spiky and the clothes got a lot less big-scarfy and then I was a 16 year old punk. But this is a 15 year old Neil for you.


If you're in the UK and you don't know about this and you really should. I wish I could take UK government claims that obviously they know what the law says but it won't be used that way seriously, because obviously if they actually just used laws how they were written they could, I dunno, use anti-terrorism laws to freeze Icelandic bank accounts or something.... 
More information, and links to a petition at

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