Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hugo Thoughts

The Hugo nominations are in

It's a great nomination list. I hesitated when I was told that The Graveyard Book was nominated -- I turned down a Hugo nomination for Anansi Boys a few years ago. But this time, after a few days to think, I accepted, and I'm glad I did, mostly because it's really astonishingly nice company to be in. The kind of company where I don't feel like I'm in competition: Neal Stephenson, Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross are friends (I've known Charles since, what, 1984? 1985?) and John Scalzi and I have boatloads of mutual friends, and I love his blogging, and, they're all great writers and damn, the award could go to any book on the list and I'd feel happy.

As Mr Scalzi says, "I am extremely happy with this category, and I feel pity for you Hugo voters, because this is a hell of a slate to choose from."

It's traditional to put nominated work online -- I've always made sure that short stories were up for free for voters (and everyone else) to read. Not sure yet if that'll happen with the text version of The Graveyard Book yet (I have to talk to my publisher), but in the meantime voters (and anyone else) can watch (or listen to) the whole book at for nothing at all.

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