Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Before and After Science

Presenting Maddy Gaiman at 7:30 this morning...

and Maddy Gaiman at 9:30. Braces off. Proud parental smile as well as the happy Maddy smile...

Here's The Colbert Report interview: it will play in some countries, and not in others. Full blog report of New York trip to follow...

No, it wasn't rehearsed or scripted (people keep asking me), and it was much too much fun. I'm wearing a suit because that was what I had in the bag, post-funeral.

(And in re: Tom Bombadil, I suppose I feel about him the way that Lord Dunsany spoke of drains:
...the caretaker used to praise the house in the words that Nuth had suggested. "If it wasn't for the drains," she would say, "it's the finest house in London," and when they pounced on this remark and asked questions about the drains, she would answer them that the drains also were good, but not so good as the house.
I certainly don't hate him, but am of the opinion that he is not as good as the rest of the house.)

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