Monday, February 16, 2009

um, er... where am I again?

Right. Last night, CORALINE in 3D was shown at the Dublin Film Festival. (No, it won't be released here, or in the UK until May 8th.*) I introduced it and did a Q&A afterwards. I think the audience loved it, and I keep seeing things I missed on previous showings. (I was looking out for some of these things, too.) Lots of interviews during the day: I love Irish interviewers -- you find yourself having a conversation with them, rather than feeling like they're running through a checklist of questions.

Today was lunch with Neil Jordan, mostly talking about The Graveyard Book, and his next film, Ondine, which sounds beautiful. Tonight I went to Amanda Palmer's gig at the Sugar Club. I was fighting that Day Three Jet Lag thing, which meant that as soon as I sat down somewhere warm and dark, reality got a little mutable. Red Bull helped a bit, and so did the fact it was the single best of Amanda's concerts I've seen -- a small, perfect venue. And she is fearless, in front of an audience: they loved her and she gave them reason to. Wonderful stuff. I dozed off for a few seconds during 'Half Jack', but that was all.

And then I waved everyone goodbye and went back to my hotel because I was not certain that I would remain upright for much longer. And then I wrote this, because I wasn't sure I'd remember much about tonight by tomorrow.

*lots more emails from Australians wondering about the release. It's here. Why the title of the film has changed I do not know. Seems silly to me.

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