Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Snowphotos of Kilamanjaro

The snow started to fall. Lorraine (my assistant) wanted a photo of herself in the snow, so I took some. She took some of me. (Cabal is wearing his gentle leader as he's still not really meant to go for wild runs. I am not wearing a coat as it's sort of warm and I am going back inside in a moment to write.)

And then the snow continued to fall, in a strange sort of whiteout. And I took some more photos of Lorraine, and in return, she took a few of me. (I am now wearing a coat. Strangely, it's still not cold, so I am not in gloves or scarf or balaclava or hat.)

 Cabal loves the snow. He cannot work out why I'm not madly romping with him. And it's sort of infectious.
I said on Twitter that this next one looks like the cover of a paperback thriller. People have already begun designing them. I love the web.

And as soon as this last one was taken, Maddy let me know that her friend's mum's van was already stuck at the bottom of our drive, so I grabbed a snow shovel and a broom, and set off to dig her out, accompanied by six gloriously giggly 14 and 15 year olds, all of whom managed to fall in the snow at least once.