Saturday, February 07, 2009

From the man on the sofa

Two small things:

Firstly, I've meant to post for a while that if you are in the US (or have figured out a way to give a computer the impression you're in the US) you can watch the whole of The Prisoner, the Patrick McGoohan series that was such a part of my mental landscape growing up, legitimately online at I think it's great that they've put it up. As a teenager, before videos, I collected all three of the Prisoner novels, just to try and get back to the Village, and was unsatisfied by all of them. Finally got to watch them again on Channel 4 in the mid 80s, and they were just as good, and as odd, as I had remembered.

And secondly, Miss Maddy is interviewed by The Fabulous Lorraine, over at Lorraine's blog. Well, it made me smile.

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