Friday, February 13, 2009

3D or Not 3D?

In Atlanta airport en route to Dublin. Thought I would answer a few questions, then looked at watch and realised I only have time to answer one. So...

Hi Neil, how are you? Hope you are well.

I don't know if this is a FAQ, but I really want to know your opinion on this.

Coraline starts showing on Brazilian movie theaters today and I have a kind of a dilemma: there is no technology to put subtitles on 3D films right now. I realy don't like dubbed films, because I think I lose all the acting nuances in their voices and so on. But in this case, I would very much like to see the movie in 3D...

So, if you were in the same situation, what would you do???

Thank you very much for all the stories,


Easy. See it in 3D.

You can always go back and watch it in 2D. The DVD will come out later this year and be around for ever. You'll get to appreciate the US cast's voice acting then. This may be your only chance to see CORALINE in 3D.

(Same goes for the US. If you're putting off seeing it in 3D, don't: we lose the screens to the Jonas Bros 3D movie in a week or so.)

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