Thursday, January 29, 2009

Screener Photo (still a bit like birdwatching but with people)

In this photo you will find, if you look carefully:

One author (me)

One director (Mr Henry Selick)

One Agent (Mr Jon Levin of the Creative Artists Agency)

One Actress (Miss Fairuza Balk).

To make identifying the people in the picture more difficult, I have muddled up the order. I will tell you though that the director (Mr Henry Selick) is taller than anyone else in the picture, and the actress (Miss Fairuza Balk) has the amazing smile. And that I (the author) am wearing what I like to think of as my Hungarian waiter's jacket, and am the one who needed the red-eye fix.

(Yet another photo by the amazing Cat Mihos.)

I'm in a hotel suite doing interviews.

Can I point to It's an interview done with me in the cab on the way to the airport yesterday.

Also, I announced it on the Today show, and confirmed it on Twitter, but not here -- yes, Neil Jordan will be writing and directing The Graveyard Book film.


And now for something completely different: Coraline Banner ads....

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