Wednesday, January 28, 2009

running for plane

So many messages it's impossible to pick through them or answer them all. (I read them all though.)Am still whirling in a tornado of amazing.

Hi Neil

I heard a rumour somewhere that you might be appearing at the Dublin Film Festival screening of Coraline. Is this true? Because it would be pretty awesome to have you there.

Eagerly anticipating respones

Yup. I'll be there. There will probably be an intro and a Q&A to go along with it.

(Amanda Palmer will be doing a gig at the Sugar Club in Dublin on the evening of the 16th.)

On the 17th, I'll be doing a signing/reading/singing from the WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER book with special guest, Amanda Palmer (I will not be singing. She will,)at Chapters Bookshop on Parnell Street, at 5.00pm. (Or, if you are an Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls fan, Amanda Palmer will be doing a singing and signing with a special guest reader and signer of me on the 17th at 5.00pm.) (Plan is for me to read, her to sing, me to read, her to sing, then both to sign.)

More soon. Off to airport for LA round two.