Friday, January 02, 2009

Rumour control?

My opinion of IO9 just lurched down. This morning brought lots of mail from people asking about the truth of,
Rumor patrol: Word has it a designer has done "extensive work" on seeing how CG versions of the Martian Ice Warriors would look — but it's not for any particular episode, necessarily, just so the show's producers can see what the Warriors would look like, for future reference. Or possibly, they're showing up soon. In related news, Neil Gaiman has denied his season five episode ("Faces In The Dust") will feature the Ice Warriors. Also, Mark Gatiss has an Ice Warrior story called "Cold" in the Doctor Who Storybook 2009 (and past storybooks have yielded stories that later became episodes, including "Blink.")

So no, it's just lies.

I haven't denied that my Doctor Who episode "Faces in the Dust" will have Ice Warriors in it, because I'm not writing a Doctor Who episode called "Faces in the Dust" (which is a pretty rubbish title, who makes this stuff up?) and I've been having much too much fun not denying anything about Doctor Who, other than admitting to having enjoyed some nice dinners with Mr Moffat, as chronicled on this blog. (If I'd denied it, I would have denied it here, and as you might have noticed, I didn't.)

But I'm denying this because it's said in that authoritative way that makes it look as if people know what they're talking about, when it's just people-making-stuff-up-bollocks.

Hi Neil,
Happy New Year. Long time blog reader, first time blog asker.
It seems that you are publishing a lot these days, and I buy everything you put out (oftentimes extra copies for my niece). Based upon your prodigious output, have you ever released any of your work pseudonymously? I think you have and I think I know the name you've used? Just wondering if I am way off base or not?
Thanks for all you do.

Not for about eighteen years, when I was writing for magazines, some of them competing, and wrote too many articles, so I was Gerry Musgrave and Richard Grey along with a couple of house names as well as being me.  But I always wanted books by me to be by me, so even my Duran Duran biography had my name on it.

If there's anyone you suspect of being me as well these days, I'm happy to say that they are themselves.

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