Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mysteries and evil buttons

I should be writing and not blogging, so I will put up one panel of pencilled Andy Kubert art from the first part of the Batman two parter I'm doing, and hope nobody tells me to put it down again...

Dear Mr Gaiman
The black Coraline keys around, is it true that if you have one you can participate in a scavenger hunt? or are they just something cool you can collect?

I don't know. I'll ask. I suspect the "scavenger hunt" thing may have been made up by someone selling them on eBay, though, as no-one has mentioned it to me. The impression I get is that they are simply mysterious keys that sometimes appear on walls. Yup, I checked. The keys are just keys. No competition there.

There will, however, be a limited edition of 1000 pairs of Coraline Nike Dunks, winnable from watching the film and through the website, though, and they will look like this, with black buttons and stitching and such...

The fake Coraline box Other Mother doll was taken down from eBay, and the person selling it seems to have vanished too -- seeing that he had a few "he took my money and never sent me anything" complaints on eBay, I do not think he's a great loss to the world of online retailing, and will probably be back there soon enough under another name.

I don't mind people making their own dolls. I just mind when they do it to try and screw other people. I liked this one...

Hi Mr. Gaiman-

Huge fan of Coraline here. I didn't get a mystery box, unfortunately. But, I didn't want to miss out on the excitement, so I created my own handmade fully-articulated Coraline doll.

Lovingly hand-made with kitchen gloves for the raincoat and boots, do-rag for the skirt, beenie baby for the pink top, knit sock for the stockings, twist-ties for the boot bows, blue paper for the hair, lots of super glue and of course, buttons for the eyes and raincoat.

Thought I'd share. Happy New Year!


...although mysteriously, according to the Evil Buttons blog, which seems to be keeping track of all things Coraline (so I don't have to) this doll seems to have also been offered for sale by the person selling the Other Mother doll, not as something recently made but claiming it "...comes as a trip swag from someone who went to Siggraph this past Dec."

Oh, such mysteries.

Where is the teacher's guide to Coraline that I keep reading about? I can't find it anywhere...I plan on having my students (9-10 year olds) read the book in Lit Circles and then see the movie. Will it be rated PG or PG-13? We have restrictions in our district. Also, if I order copies of the books for the kids do I want the regular version or the movie tie-in version? Thank you for the reply...just trying to prepared for the February release.
Vickie Weiss

I went and asked, and the Coraline teachers' guide is at

I also discovered this widget:

... is a terrific Best of the Year round up, and what the reviewer said about The Graveyard Book made me happy.

Hi Neil!

I was wondering what fountain pens you're using in this picture (I didn't take it--just stumbled across it).

I am guessing that it is a Namiki Falcon and a Lamy Accent on the table.

It's seriously been plaguing me. Thanks a lot!!!

Spot on. For some reason, most of my pens skipped badly on The Graveyard Book, but the Namiki Falcons worked. That one held up valiantly and then the nib died after a heavy bout of signing in Chicago, and I never really replaced it.


Oh, all right. Since you asked. Or you would have. Another four panels of Andy Kubert's pencils...

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