Monday, December 08, 2008

Bloody NorthWest. Bloody Delta.

There's something particularly offputting about hearing a reassuring telephone message from Northwest Airlines assuring you that their transition into the new Delta airlines will be seamless, when you're sitting in an airport trying to phone someone to help deal with how Northwest and Delta have, between them, lost your seat assignment on a flight that's oversold, and have tried to sort it out by helpfully booking you on a flight from a different airport that you aren't going to get to in rush hour before it takes off.

Right now I'm sitting at the gate waiting to find out if I'll spend tonight in an airport hotel.

It takes the joy out of learning that your book is at Number Nine on Time Magazine's Top Ten Fiction Books of 2008 List. (And not on the children's list. Fiction. That's cool.)

Edit to add: I got on the plane. Two hours later we're still sitting on the runway. They think it may be another half or or more before anything happens, so we are allowed to turn on phones. My grump has not abated.