Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Black trees. Black Sweater. Amazing kids.

Woken by Holly going "Dad. It's not six o'clock in the morning like you said on the video. It's nine. You have to get up now." So I did, and put on my amazing new Christmas Sweater (black Christmas trees on black,  how cool is that?) and we went next door for lots of gift opening. The best present was from my kids who'd made me and their mum a book each of photographs of themselves and us, with letters to us from each of them. (Holly tells me she made them using I was fine on the photos but went sniffly on the letters.

Here's a small video (stolen from the Harper Holidays pages) from Harper Collins on why books make great gifts . Sorry about the sound on my portion.

And to complete the occasional series of CBLDF tee shirts, here is James Kochalka Superstar with a nice Christmassy one. Well, it's got green and red in it anyway.

And finally, Jeff Smith's Bone shirt, which is very lovely and not in the slightest bit Christmassy. Like all the t-shirts, you can get it at in the apparel section. And there's lots more stuff there (ie. signed comics, books, prints, not to mention fragrances and memberships).

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