Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mister Fuchs and his flower

I've finished the BATMAN half of the story (the actual cover of which can be seen, small, on the back cover of Previews). Now onto the DETECTIVE half, in which much will be explained. Now typing out the last of a short story. Last night was a late birthday dinner, during which Maddy pointed out that when she's 26 I'll be 60.

Much lemon-and-honey and chicken soup is being drunk. And The Graveyard Book (and the P. Craig Russell Coraline Graphic Novel) are on Kirkus's 2008 Year's Best list.

Hi Neil,

My 4th grade class has created a quite splendid (if I do say so myself) mural of The Graveyard Book. I've a post with some images from it and their responses to the book here:

I loved the mural -- and even more than that, I loved the description of reading The Graveyard Book to a fourth grade audience. Thanks so much!

Hitmouse wrote in to say:

Ursula Vernon, writing on The Power of Comics:
She was at a reception for Ahmed Fadaam.

And it was an astonishingly powerful entry that I think everyone should read. is a nice account of my day in Las Vegas last week. (That's meant to be a sketch of Death, by the way, not of the young lady in front of me.)

Hey Neil,

I wanted to let you know that a review and photos I took at the 92Y discussion with Chip Kidd are up at

A Conversation With The Dream king:

I am a longtime fan and have had the pleasure of meeting you on several occasions at various NYC reading and signings over the years. I had to skip the post discussion signing this time to cover another event (Conor Oberst at Terminal 5). Therefore, since I didn't get to say it in person... Thankyou, to you and Chip for an enlightening, entertaining, and inspirational evening!

If you have a chance I would love for you to take a look at my website I carve really intricate, custom pumpkins each fall.

Thanks again,
Marc Evan

Those are some remarkably carved pumpkins. (Even a pig!)

Thanks Marc. We get to see what Chip was wearing in those photos, which I think is important. Posterity needs to know. (There's a wonderful description of the event up at -- -- which reminds me that you can always remember how to spell fuchsia if you bear in mind that the flower was named after a German botanist named Fuchs.)

Have any of your books been translated into Chinese and if so, where can I get one for my son-in-law for for Christmas? I've searched the web with no luck and also checked in 2 bookstores in Hong Kong last week with no results. Thanks. He and my daughter are huge fans and have been at a couple of your book signings in the Twin Cities.

Yup. They're now pretty much all out in complex Chinese characters, and are in the process of coming out in simplified Chinese. Let me look...

Here's a link to Stardust. And here's an link to some books by me. (Simplified Chinese). And here's a link to Coraline and American Gods in Complex Chinese characters (and another to books by me).

Does that help?


Nearly forgot: An interview with me about Coraline and the upcoming in February Coraline film from Wired online:

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