Monday, November 24, 2008 Nothing sacred?

Up until now the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has defended Artists, Writers, Publishers, and Retailers. We've never had to defend a reader before.

I talk about it over at:

That's where the money the CBLDF raised from the eBay auction went (and thanks to everyone who contributed!). Katherine Keller writes an editorial about it at Then she puts her money where her mouth is at

A basic CBLDF membership is $25. and there are people who really would like them as gifts. Honest. You get a membership card and everything.

And seeing I'm now recommending gifts -- Todd Klein documents the end of the story of his Alex Ross print at (and it's fascinating watching how something goes from not quite right to really very right), and then tells you how to order it -- or the third printing of Alan Moore's print or the second printing of my print (all signed in dark green ink) at

You can find out about the talk I gave the Open Rights Group at, with links to a recording of the talk and some transcribed bits of it.

And more Coraline boxes are showing up on the web... has one, with a video of its opening, while another, very different, is up at I'm almost envious...

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Meanwhile, an animated short film based on a short comic by Gahan Wilson and me (one of the two "five finger exercises", along with "October in the Chair", that I did before starting The Graveyard Book). You can read about it at the Playboy blog. It was made as part of the Born Dead: Still Weird documentary on Gahan Wilson (here's an article about it, by director Steven-Charles Jaffe, also at, and you can find a selection of Gahan's cartoons up at (and a note saying that in 2009 Fantagraphics and Playboy are going to be publishing "a deluxe hardcover edition with three slipcased volumes that contain every one of Gahan’s Playboy cartoons" This is a really good thing).

Well, it is if you love the macabrely funny, or the funnily macabre...


Meanwhile in another part of the forest, I'm simultaneously more impressed, and sometimes more frustrated with the G1.

No blogger app, yet? Not a problem. According to blogger you just send a text -- no content specified -- to and it'll send you a code to allow you to claim your blog... so that should be simple. Except that if you send a text message from the G1 to blogger you get a message back telling you that you haven't registered and to send a text message containing the text REGISTER to And if you send a text message containing the word REGISTER you get another message back telling you to send a message containing the word REGISTER... You do this a few more time, with no change.

So you give up and log in to Blogger using the G1's browser, and discover that the ability to upload photographs to Blogger has been disabled, and then you give up.

The voice recognition software doesn't always recognise that I've even said anything, and its choices, when it does think I've spoken, aren't just mishearings, they're positively perverse:

Me: Call Mike Gaiman.

Phone: (offers me a choice between)
Dial 508 0972
Dial 508 9721
Dial 508 9720

Me: Call Dad Cell
Phone: (offers a choice between)
Call Hilary Bevan Jones at Work
Call Hilary Bevan Jones at Home's not even like there's a match up between the vowels, the consonants, or the number of syllables. Mysterious.

But the things that work work so well. I'm now using it as my bedside clock-alarm and GPS. It's a great phone. I cannot wait for a Slingbox app, or a RealPlayer app so I can use it to stream BBC Radio. The Sky Map app, which shows the night sky and stars and planets and constellations of where you're standing and what you're pointing at, using the GPS system and a compass so that the screen shows what you are seeing, only with stars and planets named and constellations drawn in, is magical...

And finally, LEEDS UNITED: A musical video by Miss Amanda Palmer.

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