Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Very Useful Post

This really is a very useful post. You may want to bookmark it, or link to it, or send it to friends, or something.

So... the tour has started. At each tour stop I read a chapter of the book, and each evening's reading is being filmed. (Tour schedule is up at and at Where's Neil) is the page on which the readings will be posted.

After the show last night (a terrific review of it here in Publishers Weekly), I grabbed a late dinner with my Harper Childrens editor, Elise Howard, at the loveliness that is Sushi Sasabune (73rd and 1st), while filmmaker and cameraman Brady Hall worked late into the night editing the video of last night's chapter, then rendering and uploading it.

So, the FIRST CHAPTER of The Graveyard Book is now up. The short hair looks even odder than it usually does.

Tonight I'll read the second chapter. That should be up by tomorrow. And so on.

By the end of the tour you get a free book. (Well, free in the sense that it's something you don't have to pay for, anyway.)

(Edit to add: There seems to be sporadic overload on the servers, so the Webgoblin is also putting them up at and here's an embedding of that one)

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