Friday, October 03, 2008

The Tivoli and the Hounds of God

Chicago was last night -- it was fantastic. What a wonderful place the Tivoli is. The reading is already up at and at

Hello Neil,
I've been having trouble with the mouse circus video readings. They seem to stop about 4/5 the way through and won't play the last bit.
The one of chapter 2 you embedded in the journal worked fine.
I thought maybe I wasn't the only one having these problems and maybe some bright cookie out there had a fix for it.
I was using firefox (most recent update) on a pentium 4 machine with windows XP. (beggars can't be choosers, but at least it's not Vista).
I hope there's some help for this. I'm really enjoying watching you read. It's a great idea to post it for all who can't be there.
Thanks so much! Naomi.

The problem was at our end: just wasn't set up for the astonishing numbers of people we've been getting to watch the videos. Harpers have been mirroring and spreading them about a bit (the embedded ones are from different servers and systems), and I got an email this morning to say they've now moved the mousecircus videos to dedicated video servers, so wherever they are, they should play without problems. (Let me know if problems continue.)

Hi Neil,

I like to sew things and whatnot and find that listening to audio of people reading a story or talking while I'm making something is a nice distraction. I started with the chapters of Graveyard Book that are up, and also listened to some of the Edgar Allan Poe read by Basil Rathbone (I love his old villain roles). Do you have any other favorite audio collections you'd recommend?

Well, there's the Gielgud-Richardson Sherlock Holmes series, and I love classic radio comedy, both English (Hancock's Half Hour, Round the Horne) and American (most of all The Jack Benny Show from around 1941 on, but also things like Burns and Allen). Let me point you at, the Old Time Radio website, where you can listen to amazing amount of radio for free, or where you can pay a pretty nominal fee and buy CDs filled with MP3s.

More from Seattle tonight.

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