Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday? Already?

Had a very pleasant time at the ORG last night: talked, and really enjoyed the Q&A part. It's nice to be patron of an organisation of smart people. for details, and because they may post a recording of the talk.

Many tabs to close, so...

The French President is trying to ban a Sarkozy voodoo doll.

Jenni Miller interviews me for Premiere (mostly about Coraline).

The Kingsway Tunnels are for sale...

When I was in China, I was told by someone who had bought a new PC from an official company there that they were surprised that the operating system was not officially licensed from Microsoft. You could buy Windows operating system for a dollar in most DVD shops. Microsoft is now fighting back, but in a country with millions of computers but in which the majority of computers are running on illicit operating systems, they are being accused of "hacking" and "terrorism". Fascinating. plugs the Golden-Wagner-Bissette Prince of Stories book, and links to a competition to win a signed Dave Mckean poster.

The third of the Todd Klein prints (which will, I suspect, begin with C) (and will there really be 26 of them?) has been announced by Todd over at his blog. It's by an artist, this time, not a writer. Which one? Go and find out...

A nice little article on Henry Selick and the Coraline film.

The late Alan Coren mashes Hemingway and Milne.


Neil, I am on a mock Newbery panel at my library. We have a question. Is the Graveyard Book eligible, as Chapter 4 was published earlier?

I have absolutely no idea, and am neither a librarian nor a lawyer, but having googled the Newbery Award rules, it looks eligible to me.

[Edit to add -- that seems to be what other mock Newbery places have decided too.]


A lovely Guardian review of The Graveyard Book:
"'s hard to think of a more delightful and scary place to spend 300 pages....Every page is crowded with invention, both funny and scary"

A just as lovely Times review of The Graveyard Book :
"This is one of the most original and touching children's books I've read all year, exquisitely illustrated by Chris Riddell. Gaiman's work is crafted and composed with care... it is a Hallowe'en treasure that will last long after your pumpkins have filled up with empty sweet wrappers."


Stephin Merritt interviewed in the Washington Post, and at length in (I think) The Columbus Despatch or rather, on their blog, in which we learn -- I've been working on a musical of the Neil Gaiman novel Coraline. And I'm one song away from finishing it. Or I was when we left on tour. One song away. But I'm still one song away, and I've got absolutely nothing done on it on this tour. And not for lack of trying. I just don't have any ideas.

And that's closed most things.

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