Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"....just to give you context."

"This is the last wake up text of the tour" said the text message from Elyse, my publicist and tour organiser, ten minutes ago. And she's right. It's happy and sad. It suddenly occurs to me that if I hadn't been [and here I had to decide between posting this unfinished or missing the plane. And we came ridiculously close to missing the plane anyway] someone who kept his phone on silent for the whole tour, Elyse's wake-up texts might have made a noise and woke me up, instead I looked upon them as a friendly good morning wave. (But I'd have the iPod, the phone, and sometimes an alarm clock as well. And on the one morning when I had to wake up call at 5:30am, I also had a cheerful call at 5:07am, to let me know that the car to take us to the airport at 6.00am was already waiting...)

Here -- and at -- is last night's reading. The second half of Chapter Seven. You may want to watch the first twenty seconds, even if you haven't been watching these things.

Now, home next. Well, via Saint Paul’s United Church of Christ at 900 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul at 7.00 pm tonight. See you there?