Friday, October 17, 2008

Guacamole-headed thoughts...

I remain utterly mush-headed, but should have completely recovered in time for the UK tour and to do it all over again.

Just a quick post about, which is a really lovely review and link to an All Things Considered piece on me, beekeeping, Doctor Who, and (mostly) The Graveyard Book. (And while I was looking, I ran into this Stephin Merritt interview and songs too:

There's a Graveyard Book review in the San Francisco Chronicle:
Although aimed primarily at younger readers, "The Graveyard Book" has enough heft to keep adults thoroughly engaged. The model for the story is, of course, "The Jungle Books," but Gaiman pays homage to Ray Bradbury, with perhaps a salute to Charles Addams tossed in for good measure. Bod's coming of age has its moments of wonder, terror and tenderness, and Gaiman hits exactly the right notes every time.
and one in the Washington Post which concludes,
Like a bite of dark Halloween chocolate, this novel proves rich, bittersweet and very satisfying.
Barnes and Noble have pulled out an interview I did with them a few years ago, when Anansi Boys was published. It contains some pretty decent answers to some frequently asked questions.

There's a terrific account of a journey to the Coraline studios at

Brad Meltzer in the White House. And Lincoln. And me.

I think I'm starting to get rather fond of The Middleman. (There are a bunch of them on the Tivo, and they're playing in the background as I've been working this evening.) The vampire glove puppets made me go "I wish I'd thought of that." (I did a demonic serial-killing glove puppet a long time ago, reprinted in the Golden-Wagner-Bissette Prince of Stories. But vampire glove puppets...)

I have a ridiculous question - inquiring minds! - based on your point today about using Montblanc's "dried-blood-coloured Bordeaux" to sign your way across the US. Is it in any sense possible to take a bottle of fountain pen ink through security?!? I am imagining you do not check luggage, but how are you able to get away with this miracle of fluid-possession? Inky toiletries bag?!? I suppose it must be OK if the bottle holds less than 2 oz. of fluid...

I loved The Graveyard Book - it reminds me, too, I must reread Kipling, my childhood favorite was "Puck of Pook's Hill" which is a most magical book also!

best wishes,
Jenny Davidson

It's not a ridiculous question at all. You can put ink bottles in the clear quart bag for liquids (as long as it's less than 100ml). Or you can put bottles of ink in your shoulder bag and forget to put them into the clear quart bag, and discover that nobody ever seems to notice them, probably because the shapes don't look like bottles when they go through x-ray machines. (Sometimes you may have to explain to security people at airports what ink is and why it's in heavy glass bottles.) You can also carry ink cartridges.

I cheated on the last tour, though, and handed the ink bottle to Elyse Marshall, from Harper Collins and she always produced it when I needed it.

Have you seen this website? Wow.

Check out the Cat Playhouses. And the Terrorist Tea Pot.


That is the best Terrorist Tea Pot I've ever seen.

Hi Neil,

Just thought you might be interested in the Graveyard Book pumpkin my girlfriend and I made. We modeled it after the book cover and included our very own ghoul gate. It took a while but was definitely worth it. I put up the pictures on my blog, here:

Happy early Halloween and I hope you like the pumpkin! And thanks so much for writing The Graveyard Book in the first place.


And that is the best Graveyard Book pumpkin I've seen.

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