Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Borders postscript

I'm getting a small pile of what could best be described as hatemail from people who say they're Borders employees who seem to think I've been calling for a boycott of Borders, and are being rude about it.  I don't think, from the quality of the messages, that any of them actually read what I posted yesterday. (I'd be tempted to say that if they had read it, they obviously hadn't understood it, but frankly, I simply don't think they read it.) Bizarre, and very disappointing. 


As you might already know, there's another mysterious conflict between events on my upcoming UK tour -- I'm in Manchester on the 29th at and Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm are also playing in Manchester on the 29th. We'll be very, very close. But their event doesn't start until mine has been going for a bit. And mine will end way before Jonathan and Paul and Storm will have staggered off the stage for their limousines and helicopters and groupie-fuelled nights of rock and roll excess en route to London for their Shepherds Bush gig on the 30th. So it's quite possible that strange crossovery plans might be in the process of being hatched. 

I'm just saying.

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