Monday, September 15, 2008

the penultimate webgoblin guest-post (for now)

The boss will be home soon, no doubt with amazing tales of adventure and exciting photographs. (I hear tell that at one point he was mistaken for an archaeologist. I have this mental image of a dusty, unshaven Minnesota Gaiman uncovering ancient treasures, running from giant boulders, and battling hitherfore unimagined, hopelessly lost, Nazi sleeper-cells with a crack of his whip.)

He'll return to an improved feed and a tweaked sidebar, plus the fruits of a few Secret Projects, the last two of which won't be revealed until next year.

Donations continue to trickle in for the Staten Island Zoo Education Anteater/Armadillo Fund. With one week down and one week left to go we were about 40% of the way there. Realistically, we weren't going to make it to $4.4k without some serious in-your-face fundraising that I just wasn't willing to subject everyone to.

So I have conferred with the Zoo and we have lowered the goal to $2.2k, which means: (1) we only have $540 left to collect and (2) they will have to purchase the (less expensive) armadillo rather than the anteater.

If anyone who donated has some deep-seated fear of, or animosity towards, armadillos and don't want to see their money used on one, send me a note and I will refund your donation.

UPDATE: We have our $2.2k! (Thanks largely to a certain awesome person who knows who she is and who sent me some wonderful Italian candies once.) The Armadillo Goal has been accomplished, but we will continue to accept donations through the rest of the week in hopes of possibly reaching Discount Anteater Level. (It only has one eye, and it drools a lot, but I'm sure the kids will love it.)

And now, your tab closings:

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