Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just found this...

This was over at, the junior site, on the front page. I'd heard that the whole site was going to get a makeover, and finally get out of Flash animation, but it hasn't happened quite yet. This counter was sitting there, below the Dave McKean mouse orchestra drawing, telling me that the Graveyard Book would be out in six days, six hours and eleven minutes. I thought about waiting another five minutes to post, then decided to test out the "Post it in blogger" function. Which what I'm doing right now.

(It seems to work on blogger. Not on any of the RSS feeds though. It's also about 30 seconds different from the counter on the sidebar. Clicking the Get & Share button at the bottom allows you to post it anywhere you want.)

(And my apologies for the practical nature of much of the current blogging.)

(I just figured out that you can actually also get it from, where you get a larger number of ways to embed it into many more things. Although that doesn't have links to the google/yahoo widget version or many of the others.)

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