Thursday, September 18, 2008

home and, once more, hatless

I'm home. Got home at sunrise this morning.

Tired and all upside-down -- I just slept through most of the day. Now I have to get dressed, or at least put on a dressing gown, and get some daylight, and take the dog-who-missed-me for a walk before the daylight goes.

For the interested, a map of my travels can be found at It starts in Shanghai, wends its way slowly west to Kuqe, and then I fly east, to Urumqi, to Chengdu and to Hong Kong.

I'll try and pick out some photos from the journey to put up here, soon. In the meantime, a picture taken by a very nice Kazakh gentleman in the mountains south of Urumqi. (He got off his horse to take it.)

I think I must have left the hat in LeShan, a week later. It didn't come home with me, anyway.

My thanks to Dan the webgoblin for posting things in my long absence, and for helping make the map.

Right. Time to walk the dog.

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