Saturday, September 27, 2008

the final accounting

Your humble webgoblin here again, one last time as promised. Now that the RoboPanda Caper has been concluded I have gone back through the previous entries and un-redacted the bits about it. Another round of thanks to all who helped make it possible.

The day was wet and rainy, but that didn't seem to dampen the spirits of any of you that I met. I was pleased to see many people sporting owl feathers in their hats and black orchids on their lapels. I gave a Neil "Scary Trousers" Gaiman sticker to everyone I saw with either, and if I missed you I'm terribly sorry.

In the excitement and the irregular rain, I never actually managed to take a picture of the panda's packaging, but I know others did; if you could contact me I'd love to post them.

UPDATE: Eden has posted a great series of three images of the RoboPanda Presentation. (I particularly like how my face is obscured. Partial anonymity secured!) And Holly sends this photo of Maddy's reaction.

FURTHER UPDATE: Glenda sends a link to a picture she took of
me holding the panda package. Between the brown paper, the twine, and the interior full of circuitry I was just hoping that none of the agents swarming the Laura Bush tent next door would ask to x-ray it.

Here is a cellphone pic I took giving a close-up of the Official Panda Handling Kit.

What I expect you're all waiting to see, though, is the video of the RoboPanda Presentation. Let me first say that I am a terrible videographer, and beg your forgiveness. Between the rain, needing to turn on the RoboPanda after it was unboxed, handing Mr. G the Official Panda Handling Kit, and having only the two arms the camera dipped down to the table quite a bit. Plus I was a little too close to get a good wide angle. Chalk it up to lessons learned. When I show up at his house with the armadillo I'll bring someone else to video it.

The RoboPana was presented to Mr. G, all sneaky-like, by Eden, who also brought excellent gluten-free cupcakes!

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