Monday, September 01, 2008

being an experiement along strictly scientific lines

In lieu of attempting to write something of substance tonight, I've returned to my old webgobliny ways and tinkered a bit with the machinery running behind the journal.

I've added a little feed to the sidebar entitled "Friends of the Blank Corporation" featuring the blogs of others who frequently collaborate with Mr. G. I'm not sure how long it'll stick around.

I've also temporarily enabled commenting, just as an experiment. Mr. G has good reasons for disabling them, so they'll all disappear before he gets home. It should go without saying that I expect everyone to be on their best behavior. Given that Neil has the best fans ever, in my experience, I expect the commentors to be somewhat self-policing as well.

(UPDATE: Not surprisingly, perhaps, the first comment appeared 15 seconds later and was spam. This might be a short experiment.)

FURTHER UPDATE: After the first five comments I have already had to reject one and delete another for not living up to my standards for clarity of message and wounding my pride, so I've reconsidered. Comments are currently off and will return around 6am Eastern tomorrow (Tuesday), when I will be awake and keeping an eye on them.

I can't do it. It just doesn't feel like Mr. G's blog with comments. Sorry.

Mr. G is totally going to want one of these:

via -- thanks, Anna!

And while I'm embedding videos, Mr. G wishes for me to alert you that Mitch Benn has posted a collaboration with Rick Wakeman, "Sing Like An Angel":

  • Geoffrey Perkins, producer of the the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, has died.

    Neil writes:
    I worked with Geoffrey Perkins, interviewed him, spent time with him, when I was writing Don't Panic! and never managed to hide that I was a Radio Active fan. I'm really sorry-- he was so smart, and so funny.

  • Phil writes to inform us that:
    ...the special issue of ImageTexT, the University of Florida-published journal of comics studies, on Neil's work that he so kindly linked to the CFP for a few years ago is completed and up. Anyone who feels like reading some academic criticism of Mr. Gaiman should feel free to have a look at And for people who are more generally comics fans, I recommend the archives as well - we're currently the only English-language peer reviewed journal of comics studies, and, if I may say so myself, we're pretty proud of what we've published.

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