Saturday, September 06, 2008

And when the poll was cast, the winner was Mister James K. Polk, Napoleon of the Stump

Three weeks until the Library of Congress National Book Festival! I hope that everyone within easy commuting distance* is planning to attend. It's sure to be a fun day, just for the festival itself, plus the forecast calls for a light dusting of hijinks and shenanigans! There will be cake. I may wear a disguise.

UPDATE: Eden helpfully points out on the LJ feed that this is also an excellent opportunity to see the Jim Henson Smithsonian exhibit.

* Since it is on the Mall in D.C. there are many public transportation opportunities, including my regular standby: the $20 Bolt Bus that departs hourly between D.C. and NYC, Philadelphia, or Boston. The buses are new, clean, and have free wifi. You could take it down in the morning and then back up in the evening with a minimum of fuss.

I have received quite a few emails from people having problems with the free NEVERWHERE ebook, but have no way of knowing what percentage of the overall number of downloaders these emails represent.

With that in mind, I conduct the following unscientific poll. Please click on the option that best describes your interaction with the ebook:

  • Option 1: I did not attempt to read it.

  • Option 2: I read it online.

  • Option 3: I successfully downloaded it by clicking the button and was able to read it.

  • Option 4: I successfully downloaded it using the posted work-around and was able to read it.

  • Option 5: I successfully downloaded it using the posted work-around but was unable to open it.

  • Option 6: I attempted to download it, got an "ebx.etd" file instead, and gave up.

  • Option 7: I am running linux.

  • Option 8: I am unwilling to install new Adobe software to read it.

See results.

The Open Rights Group, of which Mr. G is a patron, is trying to reach 1,500 supporters by December. They are nearly two thirds of the way there. You can help by joining, and/or posting this widget on your site or blog:

And now, your daily tab-closing:

  • For those in Denver, Tony Award winning actress Deanna Dunagan will be headlining "Stories on Stage" tomorrow (Sunday), reading Mr. G's story "Chivalry". If you click on that link, there is an audio interview in which she explains why she selected that story.

  • Who Killed Amanda Palmer? goes on pre-sale Monday!

  • For those outside the US who have found themselves unable to download Neverwhere, HarperCollins also offers The Neil Gaiman Reader. This is not the book of essays of the same name edited by Darrell Schweitzer, but rather a PDF containing the first few chapters each from Neverwhere, American Gods, Stardust, and Smoke & Mirrors. It also requires Adobe Digital Editions. (HarperCollins previously offered a version which worked with regular Adobe Reader. If you're on linux you can probably find it online by googling.)

  • There is now a Graveyard Book shirt available from NeverWear featuring artwork by Mr. G himself! Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, and girl's baby doll sizes.

And lastly, because several of you have asked, let me go on record as saying that none of these are me, nor are these. And while I'm on the subject, these are not the web elf. Though this appears to be some fanfic inspired by her?

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