Thursday, August 14, 2008

You just know that "doing research...on foot in rural China" means "trying to find a panda that fits in my suitcase"

Mr. G is still "not blogging", I see.

The third of the Coraline featurettes is now available for your viewing pleasure.

I created a new GRAVEYARD BOOK countdown Google gadget months ago but I forgot to remind the Boss to post about it. Please send any bug reports to me.

(A question for my peeps commenting on the LJ feed: Am I the only one who saw the title "Elfless in Gaza" last week and worried that the web elf had stumbled into a warzone during her travels abroad?)

Inspired by the spirit of the late, great Othello Dodge, I have added my ancestral namesake to the graveyard. As a fan of the community that once sprouted up around the House of Clocks guestbook (en memoriam), I hope that you follow suit.

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