Saturday, August 09, 2008


"Well... I'm just saying that I thought your race were smarter than that. You'd think you'd've known that you can use the same mirrors you used to steal those children's souls... to reflect light back into your breeding pods. Like this..."

Which is less me trying to sound like David Tennant's Doctor than it is me puzzled that all around the webses, people aren't using the Guardian Hamlet photos to illustrate their own do-it-yourself Doctor Who story. (Some of them even have Patrick Stewart in.)


Congratulations to Todd Klein on, well, being Todd Klein, mostly, but also for his inkpot. (I wish mine had looked like this.)

These little people are wonderful (I forgot who sent it to me. Sorry.) (I also forgot who sent me this.)

Paul Levitz talks about his job, and about working in comics. (Read the sidebars as well.)

Someone has re-read all of Sandman and blogs about it.

The Delachaise was easily my favorite restaurant in New Orleans, but alas, that era is over.

I am reading this book really slowly. A chapter a month. Because when it's done, there won't be any classic period Roger Zelazny novels I haven't read. (Or any Roger Zelazny novels I haven't read. But still...) The manuscript was lost in his papers for over 30 years. And from what I have read so far it is classic wonderful Roger Zelazny all the way...


Probably the last Amanda Palmer singing "I Google You" on Youtube that I'll link to for a while... I like this one because the sound quality seems sharper, and because you get to hear her introduction.

Right. Back to work.

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