Sunday, August 03, 2008

Leaving the cloud club

I'm home.

My dog is happy, and I have not one but two happy daughters.

What I like best in the picture below is that Amanda Palmer is the kind of person who would run out for dinner with a bullet hole in the side of her head, and not worry about taking it off first.

Kyle Cassidy
has always got his camera ready. So he catches things like this...

And then he catches something like the one below -- me reading a story I'd just written to Amanda's assistant Beth. A story that was inspired by a photo she took...

I never got to see the expression on her face, 'cos I was reading, which is why I love the picture so much.

(Amanda (and Beth) are heading out on tour tomorrow, across the US and Europe: for details.)


Also, am I the only who saw Dark Knight and slowly became convinced that Michael Caine was finally playing Willie Garvin?

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