Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've wiped the file? .... I've wiped all the files? .... I've wiped the INTERNET? I don't even have a modem!

The official feed now includes the byline at the top, as requested by several people using feed readers that don't display the author properly.

For those who, like me, had trouble making out the words, here are the lyrics to "I Google You", posted by Mr. G in the comment thread to a blog post. The whole discussion there is interesting.

Many people wrote in to offer suggestions for a collective noun for Johns, most of them thinking along similar lines. Among the most intuitive were: a flushing, a trick, and a gospel.

Interesting search queries by which people arrived at over the past month: [oops nudity] - 51 hits, [community suffering] - 27, and [good omens slash] - 6. And now many more people will be ending up here for each of those.

Lastly, let's go to the mailbag!

From: John Lorentz
Subject: Sometimes Real Life Is Too Strange


A few nights ago, some crooks took advantage of some gullible people here in Portland by posing as Wells Fargo security guards and met people coming to make use of the night deposit slot at a local bank.

"The night deposit slot here is out of order. But if you'll put your deposit in this bag, we'll deliver it to another branch in the morning."

On the news tonight, our local NBC affiliate (KGW) pointed out that this is exactly like a scheme described in AMERICAN GODS, giving the page number in the trade edition of the book and holding that page up to the camera. (They don't have the video up of the version of the story with the reference to your book--if they post it, I'll send you the link for when you finally return to good Internet service.)

So if there's a sudden surge in sales of American Gods here in Portland, that's probably why.:)


This is actually not the first time such news was reported here.