Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amanda Palmer Needs A House In London

Neil waved from China to pass on this request, on behalf of the stunningly talented Miss Amanda Palmer:


we (me and 5 crazy Australians, AKA the danger ensemble, who will be with me all year performing on stage) are coming to London to prepare for our European tour and are looking for somewhere to crash close to central London!
ideally you live in an amazing place with several vacant boudoirs atop a rehearsal studio (or a big garage) that you would like to give over to us from the 15th - 26th of September.

we need a relatively comfy space - sharing beds is fine but we do need them.

wireless internet is pretty essential. heating and being close to the tube would be a huge plus. it doesn't have to be a palace - we can improvise - if you know anyone on summer vacation or that has a space that can be made livable for a couple of weeks LET US KNOW!

if you JUST have a rehearsal space idea or JUST a place to stay, indicate that. we may end up commuting if we don't find both in one place.

in addition, if you can recommend/know of any cheap rehearsal studios please let us know, anything big enough to accommodate 7 people and a few string players moving around. bigger than a bedroom, smaller than a train station.

in exchange?

um. we'll make you dinner. buy you drinks, love you, we can hook you up with tix for the ICA show, any other european shows, free merch, and if you're into it, the whole ensemble will possibly also make out with you.

steven from The Danger Ensemble is salivating in anticipation of your email so hit him up:

(From Amanda Palmer)

They're urgently in need of last minute housing arrangements, so if you know of a spot let them know ASAP. (The sooner you email them, the sooner you can redeem your giant group hug.) Pass it on.

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