Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Black on Black

All the CBLDF black tee shirts are signed ( about a hundred, plus another dozen or so in order that Lorraine has something to send to charity auctions when I'm on the road).

How does one tell "the first black tee
shirt I ever owned" apart from a hundred other black tee shirts?

It's an odd tee shirt, not very pretty, with a square and a pattern on it, bought in Brighton walking from the train station to the Metropole hotel in 1987. It's actually a misprint. I bought it because it was a little odd, and very cheap, and I felt sorry for it, little knowing that I was soon going to have to start writing comics to fund my newfound black tee shirt addiction.

Hello Mr. Gaiman--

Where did you get your Disaster Area T-shirt? How might one obtain one of these shirts after the one you have signed is immediately bought by someone with class and taste who is not me, as I will not be near San Diego? Google is not helpful, as the shirts available are not black-on-black.

Actually, my one is one of the very few black tee shirts I kept. (I kept back a handful of beloved ones and ones that had obviously never been worn.) (And will still have Too Many Black Tee Shirts when all this is over.)

I don't remember where I bought it, alas, or where I got it (a science fiction book shop or a convention at a guess, or might have been a gift from a friend or from ZZ9Plural Z Alpha, an organisation of which I have the honour to be a life member, or...). Probably someone reading this will go "You don't remember where you were when you got your black on black Disaster Area Sundive Tour tee shirt? How can you have forgotten?" and tell me.

I saw that the National Book Festival was added to "Where's Neil." Any chance you'll be checking out SPX the following weekend or maybe doing a reading at "Politics and Prose" like you've done in the past? I mean you got a new book coming out, sounds like a great excuse for a reading. PLEASE do a reading!!! You're one of the few authors who's reading voice is just as hypnotizing as their writing voice.

That's very kind of you. The Book Festival will be what I'll do in Washington this year, and there will be a reading in the tent for The Graveyard Book. There will also be a signing.

Tuesday the 30th of September I'll be doing an event in New York.

Weds Oct 1st, I'll be in Philadelphia.

Thurs Oct 2nd, Chicago

Friday Oct 3rd, Seattle

Saturday Oct 4th, San Francisco

(Sunday is an Oakland event just for booksellers)

Monday Oct 6th Los Angeles

Tuesday Oct 7th, Boulder, Colorado

Weds Oct 8th, Minneapolis.

I don't yet know where the events will be (proabably theatres or churches. Probably not graveyards). I do know that I'll be reading a whole story from The Graveyard Book at each stop (except for Chapter 7, which I'll split between LA and Boulder), and the current plan is to webcast each event, which will be long -- lots of reading, Q&A, all that, like the CBLDF Guardian Angel tour "Evening With Neil Gaiman" events we used to do. But while there will be piles of freshly-signed books for sale at each event, I probably won't be doing a signing per se.

We're basing each event on the ones I did for the much-missed Cody's in 2003 and 2006 (you can watch the 2006 event here).

Hi Neil,

"The Price" is one of my all time favorite stories. In fact, I always think of my black Morpheus as the house protector because of it. You've mentioned a cat update, though I haven't seen any update on your very interesting cats. What's going on with them? Have you added any new members to your clowder?

I keep meaning to do a cat update.

This is Princess. You can see a photo of her eleven years ago in the back of the Charles Vess illustrated Stardust. She's called Snowflake in "The Price". We think she's about sixteen -- she turned up on Holly's ninth birthday, but we'd seen her in the woods for almost a year before that. She's a blue-eyed white cat and is not deaf, although her two white blue-eyed kittens were. She was feral before she came to us, and is still never to be taken for granted.

She will follow -- or lead -- anyone into the family bathroom upstairs, where they are expected to turn on the tap for her to drink, and wait while she drinks, then turn the tap off.

Also, she can read the Fortean Times with her bottom.

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