Sunday, July 27, 2008

After Clarion

I'm in the airport on my way home, very tired and very happy to be going home and sad to be leaving my 18 Clarion students (who will now have Geoff Ryman and Nalo Hopkinson for the last two weeks).

My mailbox is starting to fill up with questions from journalists about the announcement at San Diego that I'll be writing a two-part Batman story for Andy Kubert to draw, that will come out in January. They have lots and lots of questions.

So I don't have to write lots and lots of emails back to all the journalists:

1) Yes, I am writing a two part Batman story.

2) Yes, Andy Kubert will be drawing it.

3) Yes, it will be two oversized issues.

4) No, I don't plan to say anything else about it until it's all written and drawn.

(I just called my Visa card to fix something, and found myself being asked if I was the Neil Gaiman. I said yes, I was. "So," said the Visa person, "Are you going to be writing an episode of Dr Who?")

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