Friday, June 20, 2008

weakly entertaining

Home. Very very tired. The dog is glad to see me, but the house is otherwise empty, making me half-wish I'd taken the thousand dollars and no change fee to take tomorrow's plane instead, and spent more time with family over there (Maddy comes home in a few days).

Thanks to all of you who wrote in about last night's post...

This is just a quick one to say that you can see Entertainment Weekly's list of the 100 most important books since 1983 at,,20207076_20207387_20207349,00.html
and my list of ten of my favourite monsters since 1983 at,,20207076_20207387_20207511,00.html. But you have to buy the magazine to see the photo they used of me in the end.


This is the third year of the Philippine Graphic/Fiction awards, sponsored by me and Fully Booked, and run by Fully Booked... and in addition to prose and comics, we've added a new category: short films.

Details at


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