Thursday, June 12, 2008


Got up this morning, went in to Minneapolis and recorded introductions for the recordings of the Fritz Leiber Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser stories. Then I did the alternate bits for the UK version of The Graveyard Book, and came home.

I took some photos the other day of a pileated woodpecker on our birdfeeder, and was chuffed when the birdchick put them up on her blog:

Over at the Onion AV club: Cory Doctorow interviewed, and also (in two parts) Harlan Ellison interviewed (part 1 and part 2). Both terrific reads, even if Mr Ellison does mock my accent. (Actually mocks my me-pretending-to be-Harlan-Ellison-accent.)

Everyone I know is either sending me this gizmodo link or this New York Times link to the story of an apartment that was also a puzzle box...

There's Clarion and Clarion West. This is a fundraiser looking for sponsors for the one I'm not teaching at.

I've forgotten whether or not I posted the link to Anne K.G. Murphy's interview with Dave McKean at

I know I haven't posted a link to the UK Graveyard Book site -- because it only went live today. It has spooky music, a Chris Riddell gallery and a Dave McKean gallery. What more does anybody need?

Algis Budrys is dead, alas. I didn't really know him -- we had dinner once and spoke on the phone once -- and while I admired and respected his books I never loved them. But as he says in this interview, his enduring legacy is the teaching.

My scary godcreature, the remarkable Hayley Campbell, is now writing for the Fabulist. (

Louis Leterrier wants to make a movie of 1602. (Might be really fun. We could fix the plot hiccups at the end for a start. The main problem would be the different companies that still have film rights to characters that Marvel doesn't have, who are needed for the story. On the other hand, as long as you've got Nick Fury and Dr Strange, you can't go too far wrong.)

And, from the Guardian, here are some better images from the Hammer and Carry On Stamps. My old friend and occasional collaborator Kim Newman did the text from the presentation pack. (You know you've finally arrived when you get to write the words for the stamps.)

i just wanted to tell you that up on the First Tuesday Bookclub website ( there's an interview with you.

maybe you can post the link up for others to watch.

where were you sitting, it sounded like as though they had you in the middle of a busy waiting room.

here's the full link:

The interview was done in the restaurant at the Sydney hotel I was staying at. And I thought I'd already linked to this, but obviously wasn't paying attention or forgot or something. Sorry...

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