Monday, June 09, 2008

a momentary break from galleys

This just in from our resident webgoblin about

When I'm not spoiling milk or making maids cry, I like to make
improvements to this site. Here are the last few that I can remember,
of which you may not previously have been aware:

* Introductions, as they are posted, are being archived in a new Introductions
* The Where's Neil? feed now includes automatic reminders that pop up in your
feed reader one week before the event date.
* The What's New box on the front page now automatically displays all new, or updated pages on the site. It even has its own feed to which you may subscribe.
* There is a new version of the iGoogle countdown gadget for THE GRAVEYARD BOOK which ticks down the
seconds in real-time just like the one on this site.

Report all errors to
me, if you please; I'm off to pose for that Froud fellow again.

There. (For those of you who missed it, the webgoblin replaced the webelf, who retired, although is still currently working away in the background organising and labelling the early days of this blog, when she is not making music.)

I was wondering if I could sent some pictures of a neat skull I got as a gift, to authenticate, or at least verify the signature. It was bought online & supposedly signed by Mr. Gaiman at Waterstones in Bath, UK, in 2003. I'm sure he signs all sorts of weird things at shows & conventions, but I'm curious to see if this was really signed by him. It would be really great if it's real. Please email me when you can, or to where I can send images of the skull. Thanks!

I don't think I authenticate skulls online. But I did sign at Waterstones in Bath in 2003. And if you go to you'll see a blog entry by Todd Klein about signing the print he did, with a picture of a signature of mine, and if it looks anything at all like that, it's probably mine. I mean, I don't think there's a hot trade in forged signed-by-Neil-Gaiman skulls out there...

Which reminds me: this Monqee will be auctioned for a good cause at the end of July...


I am searching for a recording of that truly sublime production of Sweeney Todd starring Adrian Lester. I was googling it and i saw your reference to it. My mum and I went to see it when i was 10 and it was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen or heard. In particular we loved the 'Joanna' song and both of us have been singing it ever since! Did you have any luck in finding it?

Thank you

I didn't, although I learned that it was broadcast on Radio 3, and was offered a cassette by someone working at a shop specialising in things like that, but never followed it up.

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