Thursday, June 05, 2008

lunch break post

I'm talking to Waterstones about the story card auction. It's very invitation only -- for people bidding in person on the cards and for people bidding from a distance. So if there's anyone out there who was hoping to be able to bid on my card (which I can confidently guarantee will go for less than the 5 million pounds -- ten million dollars -- that J. K. Rowling's card is predicted to go for) then let us know through the FAQ line and I'll put you in touch with the relevant people at Waterstones, who will put you in touch with the relevant people at Sotheby's. It is, after all, for a couple of good causes.

(You'll be able to read the story cards at the Waterstones site from the 11th of June.)


Incidentally, I just got sent the starred Kirkus review of Craig Russell's Coraline graphic novel:

by Neil Gaiman
Adapt. by P. Craig Russell
Illus. by P. Craig

A deliciously dark graphic adaptation of Gaiman’s modern classic is delivered with
pitch-perfect accuracy and presented in a striking palette. Staying true to the
original text, Russell’s adaptation follows young Coraline Jones as she
discovers a strange door in her otherwise boring flat. Once over the door’s
mysterious threshold, she meets her ghastly “Other Mother,” a horrid-looking
beldam with sinister, button eyes, long, yellowed teeth, spindly, tapered
fingers with sharp, brown nails and a wry, baleful smile. Coraline’s Other
Mother intends to keep her in this horrible new world forever, and captures her
real parents, prompting young Coraline to seek them out in this strange
dimension. Russell, a veteran illustrator and collaborator with Gaiman, makes
the novel positively jump off the page, sending shivers down its readers’
spines. Colorist Lovern Kindzierski deserves special kudos for utilizing a
masterful array of hues, working in smart synchronicity with the nuances of the
tale. A stellar reworking of the original text, this is sure to delight
established fans and to mesmerize newcomers. (Graphic fiction. 10 &

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